Prodigy’s Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

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In a week of major comic book releases, Prodigy #1 may just be the most significant. This series features a reunion between two superstars – writer Mark Millar and artist Rafael Albuquerque. It’s also the second Millarworld book to debut as part of the new arrangement with Netflix, meaning we’re likely to see this series become a feature film or TV series before long. But while this first issue offers plenty of visceral appeal, it struggles to craft anything resembling a deep, compelling narrative.

Prodigy introduces a new hero cut from the familiar Millar cloth. Edison Crane is a man who seems to have it all. He’s disgustingly wealthy, devilishly handsome and so brilliant he can teach himself complex skills in a matter of hours. A veritable modern-day Sherlock Holmes, Crane is a deep thinker who staves off boredom by solving the world’s most difficult problems and carrying out stunts that would be considered suicidal for a lesser man. The gist of the series is that Crane finally encounters a problem capable of taxing even his prodigious mind.

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