Batman’s Compelling Downfall Continues

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Thanks to this latest Batman storyline, Bane has achieved his greatest victory yet against the Dark Knight. Breaking up Bruce Wayne’s engagement and having Dick Grayson brutally shot is one thing. But to reveal himself to Batman, only to then make his enemy question the truth of the threat facing him, is clearly Bane’s master stroke. And so the series continues to mine Batman’s downward spiral to great effect.

Things are looking particularly bleak for Batman in this latest chapter. Unable to prove conclusively that Bane has been orchestrating a massive plot from behind bars, Batman is reduced to pummeling every Arkham escapee he can find in hope of digging up evidence. To the outside observer, it appears that Batman has gone off the deep end. Even to the reader, who has a slightly better understanding of the full scope of Bane’s actions – Batman has clearly seen better days.

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