Valiant’s Newest Series Features a Compelling Heroine

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Note: this is a spoiler-free advance review of Livewire #1, which will hit stores on Wednesday, December 19.

The state of the X-Men line being what it is, there’s never been a better time for Valiant to put some muscle behind their Harbinger franchise. In the aftermath of the Harbinger Wars 2 crossover, Valiant is now giving “teletechnopath” Livewire her own ongoing series. The result is a quiet but generally promising start to this latest chapter of Livewire’s story.

Valiant has developed a real knack for offering readers clean, enjoyable gateways into its shared comic book universe. Livewire #1 isn’t necessarily as appealing an entry point as the recent relaunches of X-O Manowar and Ninjak. It’s immediately clear that, despite a new writer steering the ship, Livewire #1 is a direct offshoot of Harbinger Wars 2. It directly deals with the fallout of that crossover and doesn’t really go out of its way to introduce the characters or concepts.

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