Razer Nari Ultimate Gaming Headset Review

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Haptic feedback can be pretty cool when it’s done right. Whether it’s a motor shaking our gamepads every time we squeeze off a few rounds, or our phone vibrating whenever an alert pops up, tactile feedback is satisfying, and makes experiences more immersive. Razer is bringing haptics to the gaming headset arena with the flagship model of its newest Nari wireless headset line (See it on Razer’s site). The Nari is offered in three trims: Nari Essential, Nari, and Nari Ultimate. The $200 Nari Ultimate is what I’m looking at here, and it’s the only model with Razer Chroma lighting and built-in haptics, so it kind of simulates having a subwoofer strapped to your skull. The $150 Nari is exactly the same headset with Chroma but no. The $100 Nari Essential is the bare bones version, with a similar design but with smaller drivers and no haptics or Chroma. All three offer THX Spatial Sound.

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