The Avengers #10 Teases a Thrilling Future for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

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Marvel is taking a surprisingly subdued approach to the release of The Avengers #10. This issue also happens to be the 700th Avengers comic overall. But rather than officially renumbering the series yet again or drawing in all sorts of guest creative teams to celebrate the franchise’s long history, this issue simply focuses on the road ahead. It’s impossible not to be excited for the future of the franchise after reading this issue.

One of the great things about Aaron’s Avengers run is that it taps into elements that fueled two of the best Avengers runs of the 21st Century – Brian Bendis’ original New Avengers and Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch’s The Ultimates. You can see the former in this small, eclectic band of heroes Aaron has assembled for this new incarnation of the Avengers. It’s a an enjoyable blend of traditional favorites and unusual picks, with the end result being a fun and slightly dysfunctional team dynamic. It’s not everyday you see Thor turning to Captain Marvel for help in his middle school-level relationship with Hulk.

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