Crackdown 3’s Cloud-Powered Multiplayer Is Real and We Finally Played It

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Dropping an entire building on my enemies while leaping up in the skies and going through the windows of a building has never been so colorful until I did it in the multiplayer mode of Crackdown 3. At this past weekend’s X018 event, Microsoft gave a new, earlier release date for their next big first-party exclusive (February 15) and formally presented its multiplayer mode. It’s called Wrecking Zone, it puts the “power of the cloud” to work, in real time, and we got to play it.

The mode we tried is called Agent Hunter. This is a 5v5 match where both teams have to face each other in a 10-minute round. The objective is to kill and obtain the greatest number of Badges that the enemies drop when they die. The twist in this mode is that what counts is not the kills, but the Badges obtained. These disappear after 10 seconds, so you must be fast or have been close to the enemy to get them, otherwise your effort will have been in vain. Considering that enemies can be over or below you, you have to think twice when and where you make that final shot.

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