Arrow Continues to Struggle With its Supporting Cast

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Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Well, at least one of the various ongoing mysteries of Arrow Season 7 has been solved. We finally met the mysterious “Demon” in this week’s appropriately titled episode. And while that reveal hardly ranks among the show’s most shocking twists, it did pave the way for a fun team-up between Ollie and an old frenemy. What this episode didn’t manage, however, is elevate the season’s other running subplots so that they stand alongside the prison storyline. As much as the series has improved this year, the current season is still a fairly lopsided affair.

Again, while hardly surprising to learn that Talia was the Demon all along, it is nice to see Lexa Doig back in the picture. She’s been conspicuously absent since the Season 5 finale, and her return has been long overdue. Doig brings a very effective blend of malice, charm and arrogance to her role. She also has a solid dynamic with Stephen Amell, which makes it a bit of a shame that Talia has appeared so comparatively little compared to her half-sister. The hope is that this episode has opened up the door for more from Talia, though there’s really no telling based on the open-ended sendoff Talia was given.

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