Titans Forges a Strong Team Dynamic

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Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

It took longer than it really should have, but the Titans finally come together in this week’s episode. “Together” continues what seems to be a recurring pattern on the series, with one episode focused on plot and team-building and the next shifting focus to various guest stars. That pattern is definitely the main culprit behind the series’ slow burn approach right now. But regardless, this week feels like another important step forward.

An ensemble superhero series is nothing without a strong team dynamic. Above all, the goal this week seems to be establishing that these four characters (and actors) can play well together. So far, things are shaping up nicely on that front. Dick is quickly settling into his unlikely role as the Dad/mentor figure of the group. He’s the only one with real superhero experience and an appreciation for the dangers that lie ahead. And already you can sense his hard edges being softened by being around these three newbies. Again, as dark at this show’s portrayal of Robin is in many respects, at least there’s a clear purpose behind it.

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