Will The Walking Dead Comic Ever Pick Up the Pace?

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There was a Greek philosopher named Zeno of Elea who became famous for concocting nine paradoxes. One of those is known as the Dichotomy paradox, which envisions movement as an infinite series of actions that halve the distance between two points. If you’re perpetually halving the distance, you can never actually reach your destination. That seems like as apt a metaphor for The Walking Dead as anything else. There’s clearly an interesting destination at the end of the current road, but the series never seems willing to go all the way and take that next big step.

The framework of this issue is compelling enough. Rick and friends have seen plenty of life in the Commonwealth. The highs are high, with the settlement offering luxuries undreamed of anywhere else in the post-post-apocalyptic world. But the lows, such as the staggering social and economic inequality, stand in direct opposition to everything Rick and his friends have spent years working to build. Is open war between the two inevitable, or is peace possible? Is Alexandria’s egalitarian society a viable model for all, or merely a naive dream waiting to be brought down?

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