DC Gives Green Lantern Readers a Kooky Fresh Start

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No two writers have done more to shape the tone and direction of the DC Universe than Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison. Even now, there’s always a sense of something missing when these two aren’t taking an active hand in shaping the DCU’s future. Therein lies the appeal of The Green Lantern. This new series is the first monthly DC project from Morrison since he wrapped up Batman Incorporated back in 2013. The result is an enjoyable mash-up of space fantasy and beat cop drama, and a great entry point for this long-running franchise.

Morrison is taking an uncharacteristically straightforward approach to this relaunch. Morrison claims that he and artist Liam Sharp are telling a grounded story about the day-to-day struggles faced by Hal and his fellow space cops. Whether the writer should actually be taken at his word here is very much up in the air. It stands to reason that, like pretty much any Morrison book, there’s much more going on beneath the surface than might be immediately apparent. There’s certainly evidence of that towards the end of issue #1.

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