Al Gore Is the Hero South Park Deserves

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Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Apparently Season 22 really is the year South Park revisits its greatest hits. We’ve already had episodes geared toward old favorites like Mr. Hankey and Towelie. And now in one week we get the long-awaited returns of both Satan and Al Gore. And along the way, “Time to Get Cereal” proved there’s still some gas left in that old ManBearPig tank.

If it wasn’t obvious already that Manbearpig is basically just a metaphor for climate change and the public’s reluctance to take activists like Al Gore cereal, this episode made that pretty darned explicit. It’s a well-joke at this point. This episode marks the third time the series has focused on the Al Gore/ManBearPig rivalry. But given the recent news headlines about how the world is basically screwed on the climate change front now, it’s a gag that feels more timely and more meaningful than ever.

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