Mayans MC Season 1 Ends With a Sons of Anarchy Connection

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Warning: Full spoilers follow for the Season 1 finale of Mayans MC, titled “Cuervo/Tz’ikn’uul.”

Mayans MC drops a giant-sized Sons of Anarchy bomb in its captivating Season 1 finale, titled “Cuervo/Tz’ikb’uul.” But as surprising as the reveal of SAMCRO member Happy Lowman as the potential killer of EZ and Angel’s mom is, it’s far from the best moment in this thrilling episode.

Series creator Elgin James, working alongside executive producer Kurt Sutter, continues to wisely keep the narrative focus of the show on family dynamics, especially when it involves the Reyes clan: EZ, Angel, Kevin, and Papa Felipe. After EZ and Angel are given the task of killing their cousin, Kevin, the suspense of “who’s gonna get him first” is palpable – and skillfully written. All of the evidence points to Felipe doing the deed so his sons don’t have to, culminating in that meat locker scene, which is fantastic.

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