Déraciné Review

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Déraciné is haunting, and not just because you play as an invisible ghost-like figure wandering the halls of a boarding school. It’s thanks to a smart focus on character and place that come together to produce an eerie, surprisingly moving fairytale that, mostly, overcomes its pedestrian use of VR.

Déraciné is fairly conventional in the “how” of its VR interaction: you teleport from spot to spot, using two spectral hands to interact with key items. There’s no health or mana bar, no fights to prepare for — rather, as a spectral faerie caught between time, you’re free to move about the mansion setting at a leisurely pace. Across a number of chapters, FromSoftware and SIE Japan’s five or six-hour adventure functions like a point-and-click adventure you just so happen to be physically standing in the middle of. Find an item in one room that can lead to opening a chest in another, but you may need to listen to a line of dialogue to figure out where that initial item actually is.

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