Arrow Is Trying to Juggle Too Much

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Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

As far as problems go on Arrow, having too much of a good thing isn’t such a bad one. It’s certainly preferable to Season 6’s chronic inability to do anything interesting with the post-Prometheus status quo. That said, the series seems to have a major issue with prioritizing storylines. There are too many characters and parallel storylines playing out right now, and that clash is holding the new season back from its full potential.

Case in point, “Level Two” marks the first appearance of the new Green Arrow impostor in several weeks. I had all but forgotten this character even existed with everything else going on lately. That begs the question – why is this character even a focus of the new season? Why is a new Green Arrow necessary right now? Obviously his rise plays into the growing tension between Star City’s residents and the overworked, underfunded police force, but does he really bring anything to the series that couldn’t be accomplished with the other members of Team Arrow? It honestly seems like the writers could get the same end result with much less fuss by simply having Rene take over as Green Arrow and focus on the rift between he and Dinah.

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