Marvel Celebrates Venom’s Colorful History

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It’s starting to seem like people really enjoy that Venom fellow. Now Marvel has commissioned a timely annual issue featuring several different creative teams trying their hand at the character. As is usually the case in these sorts of anthology issues, the quality varies pretty heavily from story to story. Still, it’s worth a read for anyone who finds that one new issue of the main series per month isn’t enough.

Regular writer Donny Cates basically oversees this standalone issue. He and artist Kev Walker craft a framing sequence where a number of New York supervillains gather to trade stories of Venom in action. It’s a simple premise, but one that works well enough and makes the most of the shifting creative teams. While this sequence only spans a handful of pages over the course of the issue, Cates finds plenty of room to exercise his talent for dark humor. Walker’s sinister art style is a great fit here, and I’m hoping we’ll see him make the jump to the monthly series at some point.

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