The Flash Starts to Find Its Voice Again

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Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Given how lousy The Flash’s fourth season was, I have to be careful not to give the series too much benefit of the doubt this year. No sense getting burned again. All the same, two episodes into Season 5, it does feel as though the ship is being righted again. Between the new storytelling angles opened up by the arrival of Nora West-Allen and the fact that the series is diving right into its new major villain, there’s a clear sense of energy propelling the series along at the moment.

It’s actually a little shocking how much we’re seeing of Chris Klein’s Cicada at this early stage. A mere two weeks into the season, we’ve already seen him claim multiple metahuman villains, have his first major run-in with Team Flash and gotten our first look at the man underneath that weird, chittering mask. That last element is working in the character’s favor. We don’t know a lot about Cicada and his motivations yet (apart from his clear vendetta against all metahumans). But seeing him in such a vulnerable state and seeing how heavy a physical toll his costumed life is taking on him gives him that necessary aura of sympathy.

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