South Park Sends Mixed Messages This Week

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Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

The most frustrating episodes of South Park are those that can’t seem to pick one idea and commit to it. In the mad dash to draw in as many political and pop culture references as possible and cast the widest net, the series can wind up failing to do justice to any of its ideas. That’s really the biggest downside to the one-week production schedule. There’s precious little time for streamlining and refining these storylines. “The Problem With a Poo” illustrates that problem about as well as any episode in recent memory.

Like too many installments in the last few years, “The Problem With a Poo” tries to bite off way more than it can feasibly chew in the span of 22 minutes. There’s the #MeToo-era celebrity scandal angle, a spoof of the recent Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, another PC Principal/Vice Principal Strong Woman showdown and even a few jabs at The Simpsons and the controversies stirred up by the documentary The Problem With Apu. That’s really too much material to cram into one episode, especially given how awkwardly it all tied together.

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