Better Call Saul Finally Enters the Era of Saul

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Warning: Full spoilers follow for the Season 4 finale of Better Call Saul…

“Did you see those suckers?” 

Well, that was downright heartbreaking, huh?

In what some might consider to be Saul’s most subdued season, though it’s not exactly a raucous series to being with, Jimmy pulled off – perhaps – his ugliest con. He made the review board believe he mourned his brother. Even worse, he made Kim believe he mourned Chuck’s death. On top of that? He made us believe. 

It was a devastating triple con, that extended beyond the fourth wall, and it perfectly bookended a season all about Jimmy’s self-ruining inability to feel anything for Chuck’s demise, coupled with his ever-increasing ability to con people on larger levels using nothing more than his persuasive nature and the right “fancy” words. Any other show would have had him learn a lesson and make that all important turn right at the end. He would have entered that room with the intent to bamboozle but then, in the midst of his duplicity, he’d have a change of heart and his words would unexpectedly start to move him in unexpected ways. But this is Saul and the twist was that there wasn’t one.

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