American Horror Story: Apocalypse – Ep 2 Review

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Warning: Full spoilers for the episode follow…

Hey, it’s Rubber Man!

And, hey! – technically it’s Evan Peters having sex with Evan Peters. As in, Rubber Man is Tate Langdon, who was played by Peters back in Murder House. Also, Tate is Michael Langdon’s ghost dad, making this all one gloriously goofy time warp.

Is Tate truly the one who’s underneath this Rubber Man though? The body type seems different. Regardless, there Rubber Man was, haunting Outpost Three like a Tooth Fairy who pops up whenever someone’s moderately horny. Why was he there? What would a Murder House phantom be doing at this particular bunker? Also, why is there Coven-style witchcraft happening in the form of random (re-assembling) snakes? All of this still remains a mystery. As does Michael Langdon himself, the antichrist child from Murder House now all grown up and acting rather serpentine.

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