Marvel’s Infinity Wars Takes a Wild Turn

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While there’s a certain level of scope and gravitas to any Marvel story revolving around the Infinity Stones, it’s becoming more and more clear that Infinity Wars isn’t trying to top past cosmic crossovers in terms of spectacle. The more this story unfolds, the more its focus narrows. Fortunately, that seems to be working out in the book’s benefit. Sluggish though the pacing can be, Infinity Wars is venturing into very intriguing territory.

Infinity Wars seems to have taken the right lesson from 1991’s Infinity Gauntlet. Sure, that story was positively huge in scope, with all manner of cosmic heavy-hitters joining the fray and the fate of the universe hanging in the balance. But ultimately, the appeal of that story rests in its examination of Thanos as a flawed, self-defeating character. He lost his grasp on omnipotent power because some part of himself wanted to lose. That approach is clearly informing writer Gerry Duggan’s handling of Gamora. Like her father before her, Gamora has attained absolute power through the Infinity Stones, and she too risks losing control even as her goals lie within her grasp. The fact that Thanos himself remains a lingering presence in the story (whether as a literal ghost or a figment of Gamora’s imagination remains unclear) helps highlight her own emotional struggle.

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