Hearthstone’s Boomsday Meta: No Nerfs Required?

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I recently caught up with Blizzard’s Team 5 to talk about Hearthstone’s latest expansion – The Boomsday Project. The bulk of that interview focuses on designing the legendaries of the set – and will be published soon – but I also took the opportunity to ask Lead Final Designer Dean Ayala about the overall health of the game right now, and whether there’s likely to be any nerfs.

Here’s what he had to say.

IGN: It seems like a super diverse meta right now. There are a lot of viable decks. How are you feeling about it?

Dean Ayala: I think it has been really positive. Decks like Odd Warrior have been showing up, and stuff like Deathrattle Hunter, and lots of different stuff. So I would say that everything has been really positive. The two classes that haven’t been showing up quite as much in terms of popularity, have been Shaman and Priest. But even with those decks, I was actually looking at data the other day and every single class had some archetype that was above 50 percent, which is generally a good place to be. There are Control Priests that are just playing like basically just Priest cards, you know? Like Cabal Shadow Priest and some people are even running Mind Control. Even Shaman is still really good. There are still some people out there doing Shudderwock stuff but I’d say most of the more competitive decks are Even Shaman for Shaman specifically.

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