AHS: Apocalypse Kicked Things Off with…The End

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Warning: This review contains full spoilers for the American Horror Story: Apocalypse premiere.

As someone who’s reviewed each episode of American Horror Story since the very start, the idea of Apocalypse instantly intrigued me. An actual payoff to the demon spawn ending of Murder House and the End Times prophesy relayed by Billie Dean Howard? Mixed with the (surviving?) witches from Coven? Oh, and old characters from those seasons returning? Meaning some stars will be playing multiple roles?

Admittedly, Apocalypse sounded like a reward, of a sort, for those of us who stuck with the series after the Jessica Lange years and who relished the idea of this all turning, slowly, into a shared universe (which kinda-sorta began back in Freak Show). Because while Murder House and Coven are the main focus here, it’s still everything, right? All seasons. If Horror Story is one world, then this is, theoretically, the end of everything. And so, sticking with that, thematically, this might be the final season.

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