Attack on Titan Episode 45 Review

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“Outside the Walls of Orvud District” followed arguably one of the best episodes of this season, so my expectations for it were incredibly high–would we get enough action from the cliffhanger? Would we get any more answers? Who would the enemy be this time? And thankfully, it delivered on every single one of those points.

If you’ve yet to catch up with Season 3, turn back now. Full spoilers for this week’s episode are ahead.

Picking up directly from last week’s chaotic cliffhanger, this week’s episode introduces us to a new revolting Titan for our eyes to feast upon. One that’s born from the pure insanity of Rod Reiss, and into a human-centipede-esque monster writhing its way towards humanity’s destruction. He’s absolutely hideous and in the best possible way. Rod went from a character I was rooting for at the beginning of the season to one I love to hate, and I can’t wait to see Historia demolish him again.

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