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Do you want to learn how to program or design video games? What if you were told that you could make your own video games in hours without having previous programming or coding knowledge? Imagine being able to start learning how to make real games now without paying thousands in tuition to a specialty game school or traveling across the country to go to a game design boot-camp. That’s exactly what we help you accomplish and that’s just the start. If you’re still interested we’ve got plenty to show you! 
Hello I’m Alex Chacon and I’m a programmer, mobile game developer and instructor with years of experience hosting successful events related to video game development. I’ve held events at several libraries in Denver, Lakewood, and Aurora this past summer with great results and can provide letters of reference.
We offer workshops, tutoring services and hosting for educational events related to computer science, video game programming and video game design. Our lessons introduce the basics concepts of object-oriented computer programming through engaging lessons that allow students to build their own game and apps. We even offer lessons on how to modify the popular game Minecraft through computer code. Students can learn to interact with the game in a completely new way while learning to code their own game modifications. Take a look at our three basic types of lessons: 2D video game programming in GameMaker Studio, Minecraft modding using Javascript and coding mobile applications using the Bitsbox platform. 

We can host workshops for several students at a time and have a MOBILE COMPUTER LAB for this purpose. We’ll bring the computers to you and host the entire event! 

I’ve taught students from ages 9-18+ how to build a space shooter video game using the game engine GameMaker Studio. I look forward to helping the students in your life by teaching STEM concepts related to computer science in new and engaging ways. Students learn about important computer science concepts like inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation. With our projects you get hands on experience changing object properties, creating logic loops and tracking variables to react to input events.  

This lesson involves students following along with the instructor on their own computer. Students begin navigating the game engine interface and changing variables in a blank game to create effects that they can test and see immediately. Students learn how to assign traits and characteristics to game objects and eventually to program game objects to respond to input. Through a combination of hands-on training and critical thinking questions students are engaged and encouraged to express themselves by creating custom settings. We try to blend in as much fun as we can while making the boring parts as interesting as possible. 

Students get a blank base file with game art assets but the code is left blank. After we begin filling in the code students can save their work and continue building their game and experimenting until the next lesson. Students are allowed to keep all art and game resources and use them in their games. Each lesson has new art and resources that students get to keep and use to enhance their games!

The game engine we use is FREE for students to download at home and doesn’t require a fancy, high-end computer to run. The engine we use for 2D programming does require a computer with a Windows-based operating system. 

We offer lessons that teach students how to modify the popular game Minecraft using an API built from the computer language Javascript. Students learn to use Javascript commands to create unique effects in the game. The learning platform, to which I am registered as an instructor to allow free use for your students (normally $10 per month), features a drag-and-drop interface similar to Scratch. The codes allow students to do things like summon animals and enemies, enchant weapons, equip armor of all types and teleport around the map. This lessons is recommended for middle and high school students and has many continuing learning objectives for multiple successive events or tutoring sessions. 

Coding Mobile Applications with BITSBOX  

Finally we are now offering coding lessons using the new and locally-based (Boulder, CO) platform Bitsbox. Bitsbox has it’s own language that lets students build apps with real code and then immediately download them to mobile devices and see the results. The coding language is a simplified version of real computer programming languages like Javascript and C#. Progressively difficult lessons teach students object-oriented computer science topics with highly detailed and visually captivating cards that all focus on specific themes and topics. 

We can set up remote game development tutoring through Google Hangout / Skype so you can learn from anywhere. We also host events and are the only group in the Denver area with 10 computers that we can deliver and set up as a “mobile game development lab”. 
If you have any questions or would like to know more about one of our services or courses please feel free to contact us at 720-468-0557 or by email at Please also add us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and get exclusive access to content and offers that we post to social media!


 Our System Provides Maximum Value To Students


Here’s a comparison graphic to show how the Game Development Guild stacks up to the established alternative options:

Legitimate Content With Proven Results



We have designed an incredibly effective game development curriculum by using well-researched learning objectives, critical thinking exercises and professional standards directly from the video game industry. These real-world curriculum guidelines were co-developed by professional game creators and educators who specialize in teaching game design at the university level. These “insider” guidelines were distributed to select individuals to encourage more youth and adults to learn game development by helping the teachers who are working with these students.  I applied and was granted access to these excellent teaching resources and used them to develop my courses which I taught weekly at a local library.

Our courses integrate these well-developed game design concepts and techniques into the content to have students better prepared for university courses or independent game development. We are proud to offer these courses to you and hope that you choose to kick-start your journey to becoming an independent game developer with us!

 For more details about the structure of our curriculum and course descriptions please view the Guild’s Game Development Learning Framework page. Join us and make your own video games!

To see a showcase of games created by the Guild Leader visit our Guild Games page!