Do you want to learn how to program or design video games? What if you were told that you could make your own video games in hours without having previous programming or coding knowledge? Imagine being able to start learning how to make real games now without paying thousands in tuition to a specialty game school or traveling across the country to go to a game design boot-camp. That’s exactly what we help you accomplish and that’s just the start. If you’re still interested we’ve got plenty to show you! 

Find out why students prefer our program over other popular platforms like Scratch (developed by MIT). Purchase and download the source files for game projects with game assets and code included to start learning on your own! We also offer workshops and tutoring services related to computer science, video game programming and video game design. Learn remotely from anywhere through Google Hangouts or Skype! To schedule a lesson or inquire about services please contact us ASAP!

Make your first game in two hours or less! Students say our program is “better than Scratch” and “way easier than I expected!” Start building your own portfolio of interactive digital media with multiple projects including PaddleBall (Pizong!), a 2D Space Shooter game (similar to Asteroid Defender) and a ninja platformer game.  
We do remote game development tutoring through Google Hangouts / Skype so you can learn from anywhere. If you have any questions or would like to know more about one of our services or courses please feel free to contact us:

720-468-0557 or

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